AE Global Brisbane

AE Global Brisbane was established in 2006 with the aim to assist students from Asian and South East Asian countries.

Students need honest advice and the people they can rely on. The founders of AE Global Brisbane were able to identify the growing ambition of students who wanted to pursue their studies in a multicultural country like Australia. Apart from the growing needs, there was a lack of appropriate approach for students to select the right course in an appropriate college/institute. AE Global Brisbane identifies their needs and has been dedicated to guide students on the right track to meet their requirements.

AE Global Brisbane's professional consulting services and strategic marketing policies has not only served its purpose to provide professional counselling and information to international students, but the Educational Institutions in Australia have also gained valuable insights within the International Student Market by understanding their requirements and thereby delivering the courses in appropriate way.

AE Global Brisbane has been working closely with the Educational Institutions in Australia to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to International students with the aim to achieve students' high standard of performance and satisfaction.

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