At Aussie Education and Migration Associates you will find the assistance you need to make your move to Australia as easy as possible.

We can help you with your personal visa applications, visa extensions and other paperwork that you may find confronting. We provide expert visa advice with the highest regard for professional integrity and applicants are provided with a realistic appraisal of their matter. We understand that sometimes things go wrong and you can rest assured that we will do our best to achieve a positive outcome.

When making your application Aussie Education and Migration Associates will review all of the supporting documentation required to ensure it is complete and sufficient to submit a strong, valid visa application. We will advise you what essential stages and procedures you need to complete before your visa application is lodged.

Location is not an issue to us. We provide our service locally, nationally and worldwide. Through a Skype interview or an office visit we can help determine if you are eligible to work, study, travel or migrate to Australia, or if you are already here and want to stay we can assist with all visa related requirements.

Aussie Education and Migration Associates believe that when making your Australian visa application, it is of paramount importance to 'get it right the first time'. That is why Aussie Education and Migration Associates is dedicated to give you the best immigration assistance.

One good reason for this is to avoid wasting money - and often quite a lot of it. The Visa Application Charge (VAC) will NOT BE REFUNDED TO YOU by the Australian Government if your application is unsuccessful. Migration Consultants are registered with the regulatory body, which authorizes them to provide immigration advice Aussie Education and Migration Associates is devoted to provide you with accurate immigration advice and excellent service. We operate strictly within the Code of Conduct set forth by the authority and ensure timeliness and professionalism at all times.

Aussie Education and Migration Associates is not affiliated with the Australian Government. If you do not wish to obtain immigration advice, you may apply directly to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) without paying additional agent’s fees.

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