why australia

Australia is a vibrant country with a great deal to offer for international students. Australia is a natural wonderland of beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters, amazing ancient rock formations and pristine rainforests. After you decide to come to Australia for your further studies, we will provide you with new and wonderful opportunities and experiences, and a whole new view of the world, not to mention exciting and progressive world class education programs. Australia has an international reputation for excellence in all areas of education and training. Australia's reputation as an innovative and research-intensive culture is attracting many international students. Australia now has around 200,000 students from over 140 countries around the world. Above all, Australia's commitment to offering international students with quality education is backed by legislation and regulation that govern the international education sector.

Study Costs

Cost of an Australian Education
Before a decision is taken to study in Australia, it is important that students and their parents be fully aware of the costs that are likely to be involved. Full fee paying students are charged for the full cost of their education by any institution approved by government to offer places to overseas students under the full fee paying category. In addition to paying the full cost of their courses, full fee paying students must meet all their own travel and living expenses, plus any student association fees, administrative charges, textbooks and equipment, stationery, and health costs.

Safeguards for Fees

Special measures have been taken to safeguard self-funded international students by providing an accreditation and registration system which is subject to government regulation at the state and national level. Under the Education Services for Overseas Students (Registration of Providers and Financial Regulations) Act introduced in 2000, all courses for international students must be approved by an approved State authority. All institutions including all private colleges and most ELICOS colleges must comply with the registration requirements of the Act and are subject to its financial regulations.

Cost Considerations

Annual Tuition Fee
Postgraduate: Approximately AUD $9000 or more Per Semester
Undergraduate: Approximately AUD $7000 or more Per Semester
Diploma courses: Approximately AUD $3000 or more Per Semester
ELICOS: Approximately AUD $280 or more Per Week

Health Insurance:
AUD $480 per year for Single
AUD $960 per year for Family

Visa Charges: AUD $535 
Living Expenses:As per change on 1 July 2012
AUD 18,000 per year to AUD 18,610 per year for the main student
AUD 6,300 per year to AUD 6,515 per year for the student's partner
AUD 3,600 per year to AUD 3,720 per year for the student's first child
AUD 2,700 per year to AUD 2,790 per year for every other child.